Baseball Yogis teaches children a mindful approach to America’s favorite pastime in order to encourage:


✓ Balance and Flexibility

✓ Hand-Eye Coordination and Gross Motor Skills

✓ Attention, Focus, and Concentration

✓ Sharing, Team Work, and Good Sportsmanship

 Not quite a baseball game; much more than a yoga class -  Baseball Yogis combines baseball-themed yoga poses (the catcher, the pitcher, first base, etc.) with basic baseball skills (throwing, catching, swinging) along with singing, dancing, jumping and running  to create a fun-filled activity that develops gross motor skills while teaching the importance of teamwork and sharing.   ​

Our core program meets the developmental needs of toddlers and preschoolers, but children of all ages enjoy our Baseball Yogis classes.

Why Baseball Yogis for Kids

Baseball is a mentally challenging sport that requires patience, persistence, and positive visualization, as well as a series of complex gross motor skills for throwing, catching, and hitting. Young children are still developing these mental and physical skills.  So naturally, their frustration levels are quite high when asked to bring these skills together in order to play baseball.

This is where yoga comes in.

Yoga is a natural bridge for young children to baseball because yoga poses are easy for little ones to practice.  Yoga builds focus, concentration, patience, mindfulness, confidence, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.  And when kids do our Baseball Yogis poses, they learn the fundamentals of baseball in a context that is non-competitive, accessible, and fun.  

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The Baseball Yogi Team

Donna Risolo, EdD, founder and director, is an educator, yoga enthusiast, and mom to twin preschoolers, AJ and Mia, the inspirations for Baseball Yogis.

Baseball Yogi Instructors are certified teachers and coaches, baseball players and yoga instructors.  All Yogi instructors are role models who exhibit the Yogi principle of mindful attention to students' learning, fun, safety, and happiness.  

A Mindful Approach to America's Favorite Pastime

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