About Baseball Yogis

Baseball Yogis teaches children a mindful approach to sports and physical activity in order to encourage:


✓ Balance and Flexibility

✓ Hand-Eye Coordination and Gross Motor Skills

✓ Attention, Focus, and Concentration

✓ Sharing, Team Work, and Good Sportsmanship


Our programs can be curated to meet the needs of all ages groups: toddlers, preschoolers, children, and teens.  

Our Mission

The BY mission is to provide sports-like experiences for all children regardless of athletic capability and competitive nature. All children love being physically active and having fun with their friends, and most children enjoy playing sports, BUT not all children have the skill, competitive nature, or interest to play organized, competitive sports. 

This is where yoga comes in.

Yoga is a natural bridge for young children to sports, because yoga poses are easy for kids to practice.  Yoga builds focus, concentration, patience, mindfulness, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength - capabilities that build confidence on the field and in the game of life.  And when kids do our Baseball Yogis poses, they learn the fundamentals of sports in a context that is non-competitive, accessible, and fun.  

The Baseball Yogi Team

Donna Risolo, EdD, founder and director, is an educator, yoga enthusiast, and mom to twin preschoolers, AJ and Mia, the inspirations for Baseball Yogis.

Baseball Yogi Instructors are certified teachers and coaches, athletes and yoga instructors.  All Yogi instructors are role models who exhibit the Yogi principle of mindful attention to students' learning, fun, safety, and happiness.